You love to read. Tell us how it began. What was your favorite childhood novel?

Harriet the Spy. Definitely. I wanted to be Harriet. I spent an entire a whole summer walking around the neighborhood, lurking in the shrubbery, peeking out at the other houses, armed with a tiny notebook and pencil.

Triathlon involves three sports. We need to know. Which sport do you prefer?

I love to swim. Everyone says it’s so boring but for me it’s absolutely therapeutic. I get my best thinking done underwater and frequently solve plot issues while submerged.

You love your dog. In fact, I understand you love all dogs. Have you always had cocker spaniels?

No. Georgia is my first. Before that I had a string of English Springer Spaniels. There’s something about those long, curly ears that makes me smile.

What is the best part of being a mother?

That’s a tough question. I love all of it, even the days I cry and realize that I’ve gotten it all wrong.

You’ve lived in Israel for over thirty years? I won’t ask whether you prefer it to the U.S., I’d rather know which cuisine you prefer.

I really do adore the Mediterranean diet and I’m a huge fan of hummus. While before I moved, I would have claimed sushi to be my favorite meal (shades of years in New York City), now it’s probably a great salad with watermelon and cheese!

Tourists want to know: What’s the number one destination in Israel?

Well, I suppose the Old City of Jerusalem. There’s no place like it in the world. But I adore Tel Aviv. I love every nook and cranny, every crumbling building. Each is just as redolent of history as the Western Wall.

Did you always want to live abroad?

I was a dreamer. I was also entranced with all things French and figured a house in Provence would suit me perfectly. I ended up in a house surrounded by purple bougainvillea so I didn’t fall too far off the mark.

There have been a lot of great Israeli TV series lately. Any favorites?

A lot of the usual suspects: Fauda (which I didn’t watch until my sons had finished their military service), Shtisel, When Heroes Fly, and The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem (even better than the book). Israeli producers know how to create suspense and colorful, sharp-edged characters, keeping the viewer on their toes. I’d love to do this as effectively in my writing.

I’m equally drawn to series from around the world such as Denmark, England, and even Canada—try and guess what they are—and credit the US with starting the trend of excellent television with shows like Mr. Ed, Underdog, The Little Rascals, Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, the Jetsons and I Dream of Jeanie. The list is simply endless.

Any major female role models?

As a child I was fascinated with Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, and then, later on, Princess Di. I’m a sucker for a woman with star quality. As a teenager, I was more entranced with those with a message, most usually conveyed through lyrics and music, such as Carole King, Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell. I stopped looking for a role model once I had children and became Superwoman.