Exhausted from trying to live up to her mother’s expectations and burdened by their troubled history, Elizabeth struggles to mother her own teenage daughter Belle differently. She wants to celebrate when Belle receives a fabulous opportunity to pursue her music in New York City, but is horrified by the realization that this move will entail her being raised by Lillian, her own mother, the woman from whom she has purposefully distanced herself.

Belle is thrilled with the idea of ditching her overbearing mother and small-town Grand Forks, certain that everything will be better once she gets to the big city. Grandmother Lillian, forgetting about the woes of parenting a teenager, intends to vicariously enjoy Belle’s success, still sour over the loss of her own decades earlier. Meanwhile, left back home and spurned by the two people on whom she has focused all of her energy, Elizabeth develops a relationship with a young girl who has been removed from her home by social services and, ironically, wants nothing more than to be mothered.

While their individual journeys to territory they have misconstrued as the promised land ultimately lead them back home, the sudden disclosure of a long-buried secret threatens to keep Elizabeth, Belle, and Lillian apart forever.

Caroline Goldberg Igra’s From Where I Stand explores the challenge of being a mother, the frustration of being a daughter, and the heart-wrenching complexity of being both.



Caroline 2

"Igra's fabulous novel puts three extraordinary women at three extraordinary ages, all at a crossroads in their lives. What do we owe the ones we love? And at what cost to ourselves? Beautifully told and unforgettable."

Caroline Leavitt
New York Times Bestselling author of Pictures of You and With or Without You

Robin 2

"Turning her keen eye to the ever complex subject of mothers and daughters, Caroline Goldberg Igra weaves a moving tale of three generations of women navigating a lifelong maze of misunderstandings and misplaced expectations, but also of fiercely loyal love. This insightful exploration of intimacy and distance, old habits and new surprises, is a novel to savor—and then to share."

Robin Black
Author of Life Drawing

About the Author

Caroline Goldberg Igra is an author, an art historian, a triathlete, and a mother.

Her first novel, Count to a Thousand, (Mandolin Publishing) was published in 2018. Her creative nonfiction has appeared in many literary journals, including Away JournalMothers Always WritePandemic Journal, and Another Chicago Magazine. She presently blogs for The Times of Israel.