“une œuvre d’art émaillée de reproductions de tableaux d’une haute qualité graphique mais aussi un livre d’histoire, qui permet de flâner à travers le temps et la nostalgie du peintre.”

Caroline 2

“Igra’s fabulous novel puts three extraordinary women at three extraordinary ages, all at a crossroads in their lives. What do we owe the ones we love? And at what cost to ourselves? Beautifully told and unforgettable.”

Robin 2

“Turning her keen eye to the ever complex subject of mothers and daughters, Caroline Goldberg Igra weaves a moving tale of three generations of women navigating a lifelong maze of misunderstandings and misplaced expectations, but also of fiercely loyal love....

Robin Black, Author of Life Drawing

“What a moving book! This intimate look at an expat’s life in Israel, at what it means to connect to one place while remembering life in another, is revealing and gripping, both. We all wonder where we belong, and here is a  beautiful story speaking to...

Kirkus Reviews 2

“The author’s modest yet stirring dialogue, which cuts to the bone of the struggles these women face daily, is especially impressive.”